premium tea is a treat

No more blended teabag tea.
Our tea are hand picked by experts in Taiwan. 

Blended tea is tasty and colourful. What is natural tea? We want tastiness but not chemical.
You should know what you are drinking. That's why we only offer what we also drink.

Only pure tea
No extra flavoring added or blended with other tea from other region. 
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Direct Sourcing
Source directly from local farmers and experienced tea artisans.
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" Steep the teabag with boiling water for 3-5 minutes and remove it from the cup. "

You cannot apply this rule on the handcrafted tea. Like fine dinning. The tea needs to be treated nicely and it will give you the flavourful goodness in return.
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hello we are un tea!

Started as a tea tasting blog "you & tea club", we lauched our brand as "you & tea"
Tea is not only a baverage, it's an experiment.
Play with the temperature and time of brewing, you will be amazed by the layers in one sip.

From Germany to UAE

Started in Berlin, founded in London, we travel between continents for good tea and meeting interesting people. It's an amazing journey! When you presant

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