About Us

Hanneily, the owner of Clarity Taiwan Tea, started from a tea tasting blog- You & Tea Club in January 2019. She keeps doing tea education and private tea tasting events in Berlin, Germany. Traveling between Europe and Asia, now the new tea destination is Dubai.

What we do

We are focusing on providing people a Minimum Waste Tea Experience through agrichemical-free loose tea with special tea wares designed for reaching optimal drinking pleasure.

 How? We will give you a brewing guide and tasting note for you writing down your tasting journey. 

Our tea is from...

The high elevation in Alishan (1100-3980m) provides the best condition for growing tea. For the environmental protection reason (landslides and typhoons), we don’t source the tea from hyper high elevation (>1600m). The flavor is decided by the handiwork of the tea makers and the condition of tea garden, there is a lot more to cultivating high quality tea than just the right location.

Ture Fine Tea

Single Region

Tea Experience

We reject sourcing from tea farmers who use artificial additives, pesticides and colorful flavoring. Because we also drink what we are offering. For this reason, we only collaborate with individual tea farmers or family-owned tea factories.

Trendy Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a type of semi oxidant tea full of aroma and character, like fine wine and coffee, it has been a popular healthy drink after green tea. Taiwan is the mecca for oolong tea lovers around the world. Now we bring the authentic flavor to UAE from the hands of a group of Taiwanese tea growers and most of them have been growing and making tea over three generations.

Indulge yourself with fine tea to start your daily ritual.​

Join our tea journey!

In order to deliver the best for you and your tea-lover friends, we work with tea experts, designers, artisans and potters from the middle east, Asia and Europe. 

What makes us different? Read our business values HERE