This brand was created by an asian female from Taiwan who's passionate about sharing culture through tea. Starting from Berlin, I've hosted several public/private tea events for whom are interested in tea drinking.
This idea sprouted when I shifted from cultural study to field of creativity about 10 years ago. I want to connect people with true cultural experience through design pieces and good tea.

Tea Experience

The first amazing tea experience when I traveled to Kyoto, Japan. Not knowing a bit Japanese, I could still feel the culture and hospitality through a simple tea ritual. And few years after, I moved to Berlin where I start my tea propagation.


Life would be empty without a cup of tea.


My hometown is just nearby the famous tea region- Alishan, or Ali Mountain, where is known for the high-mountain oolong tea and black tea. In the past few years, our family is forming friendships with the growers in the mountains. We source with ethics. Normally I meet the growers in their tea garden, we talk, get tea-drunk and buy the tea we both like.

At you & tea club we strive to bring you the unique tea experience through our selected tea and homewares. Hope you enjoy every moment with tea as I do.
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