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Ethics & Beliefs

Beauty & Healthy

Mountain tea is rich in antioxidants which helps increasing our metabolism and also slow down the aging of our cells. 

Do you know oolong tea has been proven has twice effective in weight loss and decrease the rick of heart diseases.

Taste? Growing in the high mountain, Taiwanese oolong has manifold flavor and amazing lingering note like tasting fine coffee and chocolates.

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Ethics and shared value with our suppliers.

We strive to help tea growers who are only small-to mid-size and care about the land and the eco-system in tea gardens. 

It’s not easy to find them because them are not familiar with social media. Introduced by friends and word-of-mouth, and we visit them in the tea gardens or factories to bound further friendships.

Feel guilt-free

/ Slow down /

Believe or not, we are creating 170 million of teabags everyday, most of them contains non-biodegradable materials. We feel guilty to see them in the bin.
No matter your addiction level of tea, we are inviting you to start with (good) tea experience with us!

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