Our Value

Our Values

Beauty & Healthy

/ Pure loose tea /
Mountain tea is rich in antioxidants which helps increasing our metabolism. Not only green tea, "oolong tea" has been proven twice effective in weight loss, and it has manifold flavour and aftertaste. Tasty and healthy, why not?


About sourcing...

/ Not only a tea company /
We strive to help small-to-mid-size tea farmers and local craftsmen to spread their works to the world. That's why we talked and visited them in person. Having the shared value is critical to us.

For example, we met one of our supplier in the late night train, another one was in the Meetup about organics in Taiwan.

Guilt-free consumption

/ Slow down /

Believe or not, we are creating 170 million of teabags everyday, most of them contains non-biodegradable materials. We feel guilty to see them in the bin.
No matter your addiction level of tea, we are inviting you to start with (good) tea experience with us!