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Chinese Breakfast Dian Hung Black Tea Review

Yunnan Gold review-Oriental

I’ve been merging myself into white tea and rooibos in the past two weeks that I almost forget about the taste of full-bodied tea. My bad. I was busy organizing my tea stocks in the cupboard last weekend and look what I found- A pack of lovely designed tea that I want to give a recommendation on this tasty Yunnan Dian Hung black tea.

P&T yuannan gold
Yunnan Dian Hung Black Tea

Little Story

I got this tea sample from a lovely girl who worked in P&T, a famous Berlin-based tea shop. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t decide between green tea and black tea. She secretly put two packs of black tea in my bag, “You should try this. It is one of my favorites”, and winked to me.

The packaging design caught my eyes again, that’s why I opened it this morning. Even though that was almost 6 months ago, luckily it is still drinkable.

First of all, the appearance of this tea.

I really hope it’s not because of my carelessness, the tea leaf was a bit too wet for the standardized Dian Hong black tea. It should be the typical bright golden color instead of the dull brownish yellow. (see the picture below)

This tea remains its bold and long shape, no rolling.

Yunnan Gold review
3g of Yunnan Gold

Let’s brew this Chinese Breakfast Tea

Since Yunnan Dian Hung black tea has a distinct full-bodied trait which is just like English Breakfast. I’ll call it Chinese Breakfast if you don’t mind.

  • High level of caffeine is just what I need in the morning, because our cat is always meowing at the door for unknown reasons.
  • I brewed it with 95-degree water for 50 seconds even though the suggested time was 90 seconds on the instruction. We tend to stay on the safe side cause we don’t want any bitterness in our tea. The first brew is for the aroma, so I don’t want to “cook” the tea.
  • I especially like the rich nutty taste and bright note of dark chocolate in this tea. It has an entirely different type of “strong body” as you can taste in the English breakfast tea. Like the complex wine pairs with food, I think this tea could go pretty well with light dishes in the daytime.
  • The full-body doesn’t make this Dian Hong black tea bitter or dry, it was actually smooth and a little bit heavy, but it’s enjoyable. I like lightly lingering floral notes.
Yunnan Gold review
My first two infusions

About the colour

The colour was surprisingly dark even I’ve already reduced the steeping time (the first 50 secs and the second 65 secs). Bright ruby colour with a slightly orange ring.

I made the first two infusions in the same Cha-hai, which is the glass container on the right-hand side in the photo. But I enjoyed them separately and felt the differences in note and aroma, then mixed in one glass. In some tea/coffee shop (at least in Berlin), this is what you will get, the mixtures of two-to-three infusions, when you order a pot of orthodox tea.

Have you ever drank this type of Chinese Breakfast Tea, Yunnan Dian Hung? Leave a comment below, let’s chat!

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The black tea from high Ali Mountain Taiwan.

alishan black tea

This black tea is growing in the Alishan, or Ali Mountain (Shan means mountain in Mandarin) a famous mountain for chasing the scenery of sunrise in southern Taiwan. The tea farm is located at elevations of 1,800 meters, which means, it’s very humid, cold and always foggy.

The location of tea plantation is higher than most of the tea regions in  Sri Lankan where the popular Ceylon black tea is grown.

The misty mountain
The misty weather in the peak of Ali Mountain

The plantation of high mountain tea

Generally speaking, high grown tea is at 4000ft (approx. 1,219m) above sea level, which is already considered as high-quality tea. The high grown tea regions like Nuwara Eliya of Sri Lanka 6000 ft (approx. 1,828m) which is recognised as the rare and refined premium tea by connoisseurs from all over the world.

Surprisingly, it gives the tea leaf more time to develop its richness in flavour. Delightful aroma with subtle honey fragrance. A hint of the cinnamon with a smooth finish.

The sweetness and subtle dried fruit fragrance are naturally developed from our nature. The owner of this tea farm insists to fellow the hard way, “Natural Farming”. Without any use of chemistry (here include the chemical fertilizers and pesticides), he is using rotten fruits and other organic wastes as the fertilizer.

The specification of the tea garden:

  • Natural farming, no pesticides and chemical fertilisers, only organic stuff from the nature.
  • The tea garden is located at the elevations of 1,800 meters, surrounded by chicken and peacocks (yes! peacocks).
  • Hand-picked in a small batch.
The the first brew: Delightful orange golden colour

Taste, Aroma and Characteristics of Ali Mountain Black Tea

  • The note of Dried-fruit, honey sweet with the hidden flowery aroma in the end.
  • Lingering aftertaste of wood and lychee note.
  • Full of the summer honey aroma in the first infusion.

Here is an important note:

Always use “filtered water” so that the calcium will not affect the taste and flavour of the tea.

  1.  From the 3rd infusion, the steeping time should control in +/- 10 seconds based on the flavour of the second infusion.
  2. The taste is control by 3Ts (Check this article if you forget): Time, amount of Tea and Temperature.

Western to-go Brewing Style:

Standard for 300ml teapot:

Total serves: 600m for about 3 cups of tea.

6g of loose leaf with “fresh” boiling water and cool down to 95 degrees (aprox. after 10 seconds).

  1. The First infusion: 2 minutes.
  2. The Second infusion: As long as you like.
  3. Up to 2 infusions
** You can always adjust the brewing time based on your preferences.
Ceylon English tea Teapot

Chinese Brewing Instructions:

Standard for 100ml Chinese teapot:

3g of loose leaf with “fresh” boiling water and cool down to 95 degrees (aprox. after 10 seconds).

Total serves: 500m for about 6 small cups of tea.

  1. The first 3 infusions:  40, 45 and 30 seconds.
  2. From the 4th infusion could be longer than 60 seconds.
  3. Up to 5  infusions.

Tell me what you think! Have you ever tried this type of tea before? Or have you ever experienced the similar taste in other type of teas. Leave a message here or follow my Instagram and twitter. I would like you hear some ideas from you! 🙂 

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Enjoy your Sweet Dream Tea with unbleached teabags

tea helps sleeping

Apart from working or studying, we spend 4 to 9 hours in bed sleeping or trying to get into sleep. The low quality of sleeping will definitely affect our productivity or mood. 

To get away from insomnia, herbal tea has been the popular choice for people to unwind. However, not sufficient scientific studies can support the use of herbal tea and sleeping disorder. Regardless of the insomnia, I personally enjoy the taste of herbal tea that makes me happy and focus on my tasks.

In this article, I will firstly explore some common herbs that help people catching up sleeps, and alone with the tea brand 

Some types of herbal tea will help you relax

1. Chamomile and Lavender tea

If you only have 10 seconds to grab the thing for stress relief in the drugstore, I presume these two types of ingredient should come into your mind first. In fact, chamomile has been using as the nature medicines, or the natural remedy for settling stomach problems for thousands of year. It is also the most common tea for everyone even for those who don’t drink tea.

Lavender has the distinctive aroma that makes it one of the most popular aromatic soothing bath in Friday night. In ancient Greek era, people used it for bathing and as the beverage for calming down already. It is also the most common base of many aromatherapy.

But interestingly, I have two friends actually feel nausea and dizzy after smelling the scent of lavender. 

2. Valerian root

It is a flowering plant which is being used in dietary supplements to calm down from anxiety. The flower is called Valerian and the its root is used for anxiety relief since a long time ago. In modern science, the most significant (possible) remedy is for sleeping disorder.

You can find valerian root not only in form of capsules but also oil and tea.

3. Lemon Balm and Mint

Lemon balm can be found all over the world and it belongs to mint family. I didn’t know the usage of these two types of herb before I move to Germany. As a tea drinker, I soon noticed that the tea of mint family is sooooo popular that you can (almost) find in every coffee shop, restaurant and shop. German scientific studies show that it can reduce the anxiety, sleeping disorder and stress level.

This tea gives me a good night sleep: My Review

Sooth your nerves with Lavender, Chamomile and Lemongrass.

Product name in German:

20 bags | €2,95 to 3,95 |  30g  | 230ml water per tea bag | 

95 °C for 7-8 minutes

Attention: This brand is called “CUPPER” only in Germany, in other countries are called “CLIPPER“.

The product name and the ingredient are also different.

Clipper tea herbal tea
For international market
Cupper tea Germany
Only for German market

 Why I recommend this?

If you are not a big fan of herbal tea like me, this sweet dream herbal tea is the right choice for you. I didn’t explore which herb affects me the most but I fall asleep pretty fast. For tea bag tea, there’s no brewing method but I like to add half teaspoon of wild honey in the last 1 minute before serving in the tea cups.

You can’t find any plastic material inside/outside their package. There are many company using clips and “biodegradable” tea bags, however, this company only use full-recycled paper to package their tea. You can’t find any plastic in their product.

The other reason is the cute illustrations and its England origin. 


I especially like the balance of this herbal blend. The mild Chamomile (60%) and Lavender (20%) tastes win my heart.


The slightly refreshing Lemongrass and mild Lavender pop out from my cup. You should try if you like something mild and clam.

Chamomile* 30%, lemon balm 15%, lavender* 14%, lemongrass*, Fennel Seed*, rose hips*, spearmint*
* From organic farming

Calm and Relaxing
Where to buy this product? Amazon, eBay, their Online shop or any brick-and-mortar shop in your country. 


You and Tea Orient, We are on the mission of engaging people drinking good tea and find the balance in your wellbeing. Tea is more than a beverage, it’s a lifestyle.  

Grab your cup and enjoy the true taste of tea.

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Tea for Winter. Try Cream Caramel Rooibos

I am a typical sweet tooth who always ponder in front of the sweet shelves. Every time I go grocery shopping alone, I subconsciously grab a pack of 75% dark chocolate or milky candy with me. 

I’m introducing you this sugar free tea that you can enjoy without feeling a tiny guilt. Cream caramel Rooibos tea, the private label KingsCrown from Rossmann. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is a drug store chain in Germany. 

If Thai milk tea is your type, I assume you won’t run away from this one. 

From the indication of the packaging, I assumed it will taste like Werther’s, but still keep the nutty earthy note of rooibos tea. It should goes pretty well with any dessert, like pairing green tea with shortbreads. Rooibos tea is often blended with other spices, like fruits, flowers and seeds to enhance the aroma and taste. 

tasty caramel tea

Let's try this sugar-free tea

Product name in German:

Rooibostee Sahne-Karamell

20 bags | €0,99 | 40g | 200ml water per bag | 

90 °C for 5 minutes

Heavy and Hearty

Creamy texture stayed on my palate even after 3 minutes, absolutely not the type of tea in the morning. Yes, I didn’t think too much when I decided this as my morning tea, the wrong timing. 

The body and flavour will help you to unwind from work to home, or it could be the bedtime tea if you are the sweet tooth like me. 


Strong caramel scent reveals in a few seconds. The buttery aroma is less than I expected.


 Heavy, but it is the feeling on your palate, not the astringent taste of full-bodied black tea.

 I personally think this tea tastes better in the cold or room temperature.

creamy caramel rooibos
Caramel & Cream
Where to buy? Rossmann (Germany) or their online shop.
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One-pot Chili Beans Stew

This is the second month of my vegan diet plan and I’ve tried many different simple recipes with common ingredients available at regular supermarkets. That’s the premise of an easy vegan recipe, right?

Must have base-ingredients

My favorite base-ingredients are varied beans, potato, couscous, quinoa, rice and sometimes pasta. There are some nutrition facts, the low Saturated Fat, Sodium, and very low in Cholesterol will stabilize your blood sugar so you won’t have to munch biscuits all the time.

I never thought beans could be the main dish because we prepare beans as the desserts (sweet bean soups), tofu or the toppings in Asian-vegetarian diet. One of my favorite vegan bloggers is Cookie and Kate, that I tried many of her recipes. I adapted her hearty warmly chili bean recipe to fit my Asian taste buds.

Before serve


This recipe could be anyone’s favorite food base, well, unless you hate beans. You can also mix with some minced meat to level up the flavor if you are a meat-eater. My guy and I are still sticking with our vegan plan, so I will put more spices to make it flavorful.

Serves 2 people
— double the ingredients then you can use this for another 3 days.
Suggested Tool:
A Non-stick pot, OR preferable
A Pressure; instant pot
— that you can save hours of simmering. But I didn’t use that.

chili bean one pot


For Seasonings

  • Dried oregano 1 teaspoon
  • Chilli powder 2 tablespoons
  • Grund cumin 2 teaspoon
  • Ginger 3mm, minced
  • Coriander, chopped
  • Jalapeño pepper or green pepper based on your tolerance, seeded and minced
  • Tomato paste, 1 teaspoon


  • Any beans you like (ex. Black beans, Kidney beans, White beans, Chickpeas) 1 can, drained.
  • Bell pepper, 1 medium, diced
  • Onion, 1 medium, diced
  • Garlic, 2 cloves
  • Tomato fresh or canned, 1 big
  • Vegetable stock, one cup


  1. Saute onion, garlic, bell pepper with cumin, oregano until tender.
  2. Add chilli powder, beans(should be softened), tomato, Jalapeño pepper or green pepper, keep stirring and add one cup of vegetable stock.
  3. Mix everything well, cook with medium heat(4-6 for an electric stove) for 10 minutes. Check the beans are well cooked, then turn to low heat(1-2 for an electric stove), keep simmering for another 30 mins.
  4. //If you think it becomes a bit try, just add a half cup of water.//

For those who have instant pot or pressure cooker, the simmer time is only 10 minutes, if you feel it’s not soft enough, add another 2 minutes.

Then, get ready to dig in. And happy cooking.

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Tea Tasting in My Blog

How do I do Tea Tasting?

Like wine tasting or cheese tasting, tea tasting also requires your senses to describe the flavor. It’s better to share the moment of joy (or disgust) when I try those teas, of course, I will try to brew in different ways and explore other flavors.

  1. Fragrance, including the difference after cooling down.
  2. Note, first taste to finishing finish to after taste (or lingering taste).
  3. Color and the look of the tea and tea leaf.
  4. With extra combinations like soy milk, brown sugar, wild honey and any other dried or fresh spices and fruits.

Tea tasting is a process of finding the new sparkles on my taste bud, if you also want to join me, please follow us on Instagram and send me a message.