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  • Cosmo and Earth Teacup


    The kaleidoscopic colour is from the transmutation glaze, a type of glaze coating technique. Each cup is made by craftsmen who spend over 280 hours control the proportion of the glaze and the firing temperature multiple times. This special technique gives each cup the different looks in pattern and colour.

  • King Jade Tea Container


    Each tea caddy was carefully made by artisans in De-Hua Kiln.

    They follow the traditional techniques which involve high temperatures (more than 1300 degrees) and spend hundreds of hours working in their ceramic studio.
    The crackles are caused by the difference in temperature during pottery backing process. Pick your favourite colour to go with your tea set! 


    Capacity: 20-25 grams of bulb tea

    Material: Glazed clay and tin cap

    Handmade and polished in Dehua County, China.


  • Curated Tea Set Mini


    We selected two types of tea (10g each) in this curated tea set which can serve approximately 20 cups of tea. This ceramic container is big enough to preserve 20g of your favourite tea.

    Great gifts for your friends and yourself. Now you can bring your favourite tea wherever you go!

    The capacity of each container: 20-25 grams of bulb-shaped tea.


    Tea selection:
    #1 Misty Prince Red oolong
    – Note: Honey and candied fruit

    #2 Golden King Ali Mountain Oolong
    – Note: Flower and light grassy note.

  • Tea Wares

    Meteor Ruyao Sliver Tea Cup


    Learning from the traditions, the artisans use the modern pottery firing techniques to present similar effects. You can enjoy the reflection of the tea from the inner silver-plating. The big volume is made for you not only enjoying Chinese tea but also the Japanese green tea.


    **The crackles are caused by the difference in temperature during pottery firing, and therefore, each piece of work is unique. 

    The beauty comes from its light sky blue glaze which looks like the clear sky after the rain.

    – Capacity: 100ml per cup

    – Material:   925 silver and Clay

    – Handmade in Dehua County, China


  • Grab’n Brew Teapot


    This is the perfect teapot for starting your tea journey. If you are not confident about using Gai-Wan, this is the right teapot for you.

    You don’t have to worry about burning your fingers when holding this grip teapot. Round and steady bottom sitting on your table like a chubby bird. And the smooth pouring mouth makes the whole brewing process clean and elegant.

    The round body allows more space for developing the flavour. Therefore, it requires a shorter brewing time.

    Material: Clay with a thin glaze

    Compatible with black tea, oolong tea, green tea and

    The capacity of the teapot: 180 ml

  • Zen Buddy – the Tea Travel Set


    Tea is like coffee and beer, it would be less fun to drink alone.

    Take this tea travel set with you wherever you go. The wooden lid and the grips are preventing you from burning yourself. It’s practical and beautiful.


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    Capacity for the teapot is 170ml, big cup 55ml, small cup 35ml. 

    Material: Wood and Ceramics

    Handmade and polished in Dehua County, China.


Showing all 6 results