Special Oolong

Growing in the misty mountains, Taiwanese tea is getting popular among the tea connoisseur around the world. Don’t know where to buy oolong tea in Berlin? Here we are.

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  • Crown Amber Oolong (Winner tea)

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    The seemly black tea orange colour comes from the heavy fermentation, the medium roast gives this oolong tea the sweetness and the fruity fragrance

    -Tea region: Luye, Taitung

    -Processing: Hand rolling and hand-picked leaf in the ecological tea garden

    10g = 11 cups (in 100ml). We suggest you rebrew this tea for 3 times.

    Each teabag contains 3g of whole leaf and branches which doesn’t blend any other tea.
    You will get 9g in one pack if you choose the teabag option. Good for cold brew.

  • Cool Roll Baby Mint Oolong


    The sweetness of tea combines with the minty fresh note in the end. It is surprisingly cooling down your body even in the warm temperature. Please enjoy the lingering minty note after your one or second sip. The sweetness and the fine flowery scent coming from the natural tea leaf, no added artificial fragrance.

    – Tea region: Minjian county, Nantou

    – Elevation: 360m above sea level

    – Process: Hand rolling & hand-picked tea


    For 20g = more than 30 cups (in 100ml). We suggest you rebrew this tea up to 4 times per 100ml of water.

  • Misty Prince Oolong


    This orange-amber red oolong is for all kinds of tea drinkers, including beginners. The subtle sweet but robust dried fruit flavour might be recognizable for those who are familiar with the British black tea. 

    Unlike other teas, this high mountain red oolong Misty Prince does not acquire a bitterness in taste even after a long-brewing time. The high mountain red oolong from Alishan is the combination of high oxidation (like black tea) but light baking which will keep its characteristics.

    – Tea Region: Shizho, Chiayi

    – Elevation: 1400m above sea level

    – Processing: Heavy-to-moderate fermentation and roasting.

    – Leaf: Semi-hand rolling and hand-picked in the ecological tea garden.

    10g is enough for more than 15 cups (in 100ml). Rebrew up to 4 times.

  • Golden King Ali


    Like a pride king, it is the highly prized green oolong tea growing in the famous tea region Alishan, or Ali Mountain. The distinct rich flowery note and the thick texture are the main characteristics of this type of oolong tea. Please enjoy its aromatic and flowery aftertaste. Drink between meals or after the greasy food.  

    Tea of origin: Juchi County, Chiayi 

    Ingridient: Pure unscented loose tea

Showing all 4 results