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  • Misty Prince Oolong


    This orange-amber red oolong is for all kinds of tea drinkers, including beginners. The subtle sweet but robust dried fruit flavour might be recognizable for those who are familiar with the British black tea. 

    Unlike other teas, this high mountain red oolong Misty Prince does not acquire a bitterness in taste even after a long-brewing time. The high mountain red oolong from Alishan is the combination of high oxidation (like black tea) but light baking which will keep its characteristics.

    – Tea Region: Shizho, Chiayi

    – Elevation: 1400m above sea level

    – Processing: Heavy-to-moderate fermentation and roasting.

    – Leaf: Semi-hand rolling and hand-picked in the ecological tea garden.

    10g is enough for more than 15 cups (in 100ml). Rebrew up to 4 times.

Showing all 1 result