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  • Love Bird Golden Ring Cup


    The birds on the teacups are called “Xi-Que” (Magpie in English) which is commonly regarded as the messengers for couples on Chinese valentine’s day. You can enjoy the tea with your partner and have a story can share.

    Capacity: 30ml per cup

    Semi-handmade in Dehua County, China

  • Blue Man Green Tea Cup


    The beautiful handpainted flowers on the side and the handwritten name underneath are the hights. This tall teacup will be your perfect friend drinking green tea, like Genmaicha or Sencha.

    Only sell in pairs. The price is for 2 cups.

    • Capacity: 150ml per cup
    • Material: Ceramics
    • Handpainted flowers in Japan


  • Grab’n Brew Teapot


    This is the perfect teapot for starting your tea journey. If you are not confident about using Gai-Wan, this is the right teapot for you.

    You don’t have to worry about burning your fingers when holding this grip teapot. Round and steady bottom sitting on your table like a chubby bird. And the smooth pouring mouth makes the whole brewing process clean and elegant.

    The round body allows more space for developing the flavour. Therefore, it requires a shorter brewing time.

    Material: Clay with a thin glaze

    Compatible with black tea, oolong tea, green tea and

    The capacity of the teapot: 180 ml

Showing all 3 results