Golden King Ali


Like a pride king, it is the highly prized green oolong tea growing in the famous tea region Alishan, or Ali Mountain. The distinct rich flowery note and the thick texture are the main characteristics of this type of oolong tea. Please enjoy its aromatic and flowery aftertaste. Drink between meals or after the greasy food.  

Tea of origin: Juchi County, Chiayi 

Ingridient: Pure unscented loose tea

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Why from Ali Mountain?

The weather is the first criteria-  It's cold and wet throughout the year but have enough sunlight which provides the perfect tea growing condition. The fluctuated temperature between day and night slows down the growing rate but accumulates more flavour in the tea plants. The tea leaves turn out to be tender and aromatic than those from low elevation (400-800m).

The Tea maker

This tea is growing in the ecological garden that the owner also raises many animals in his farm that he reuses the compost and peanut shell as the organic fertilizers. He is our family friend and his hospitality for the community is well-known in Alishan, and also his dedication for the natural protection makes the cuppa even better.

Taste Profile

Basic profile: Flower and light grassy note.
Lingering note: light orchid hint in the end.
Colour: Fresh golden green

Brewing suggestion​

Rebrew up to 8 times per 100 to 120 ml of hot water (95-90) depends on your preference of the strength.
You only need to use one to 2 teaspoons (3 grams) for each brewing.
Steeping time: at least 8 times (45 sec /30 sec/ 45 sec, then plus 15 sec from the fourth infusion)

Additional information

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