Red Lady Mountain Black Tea


Growing in the high mountain, this amazing black tea has an in-depth richness in flavour. The sweetness and the fruity fragrance are naturally developed from the tea itself. The characteristic of Alishan black tea is clear, warm sweet mouthfeel and clear fruity taste. It won’t release any astringency even after the long steeping time. 

We suggest you to enjoy this natural aromatic tea in the morning without milk. (the recipe of adding milk is under “instruction”)

Tea of origin: Shizhuo, Chiayi 

Ingridient: Pure unscented whole leaf tea

# You can get 24 small cups(100ml) of tea with every 20g. For your convenience and freshness, the size of 20g will be separated into 4 pouches.

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Black tea from Ali Mountain

One of the most famous tea from Alishan is “Honey black tea”. The small leafhoppers suck sap from the tea plants which make the tea has “muscatel flavor” or honey flavor after processing. The best weather condition is summer due to the activiness of the leafhoppers. The small-leaf black tea has become popular among young generations in Taiwan. 

The tea making

This tea is growing in the ecological garden that the owner also raises many animals in his farm that he reuses the compost and peanut shell as the organic fertilizers. The long-shaped tea will beautifully expand in the hot water. 

Processing: Heavy oxidation and middle roasted, long shape

Additional information

Weight20 g

20g, 50g, 75g


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