Crown Amber Oolong (Winner tea)


The seemly black tea orange colour comes from the heavy fermentation, the medium roast gives this oolong tea the sweetness and the fruity fragrance

-Tea region: Luye, Taitung

-Processing: Hand rolling and hand-picked leaf in the ecological tea garden

10g = 11 cups (in 100ml). We suggest you rebrew this tea for 3 times.

Each teabag contains 3g of whole leaf and branches which doesn’t blend any other tea.
You will get 9g in one pack if you choose the teabag option. Good for cold brew.

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What is Red Oolong?

Following the traditional tea making procedures, but the tea farmers developed new techniques of making oolong tea in Taiwan since 25 years ago. Luye is the township developed this special oolong. Its sweet and aromatic characteristics make it the best option for tea newbies. Even after the long steeping, you won’t feel any astringency from your cuppa.

The tea and its fame

The oxidation level is higher than the normal oolong tea that gives the amber-orange like colour like black tea. This honey-tasted drinking treat is from Taitung where is famous for Red Oolong which has received more than 50 awards since 1990. The flavour will stay even in cold brew, actually it’s suitable for cold brewing.

Additional information

Weight20 g

3 bags, 10g, 20g


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